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Bidet Shower Toilet Sprayer Attachment EcoSplash 270HD

Bidet Shower Toilet Sprayer Attachment EcoSplash 270HD

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Water Connection
Nozzle Type

Non-electric Bidet Shower Toilet Sprayer EcoSplash 270HD

Wash Function | Features | Size and Toilet Requirements | Parts and Details

Bidet with shower, powered by two water sources: hot and cold. It is Non-electric toilet attachment with double adjustable nozzle mounted on slim 10 mm mounting plate. Sprayer is fitted with three independent control switches. First for turning bidet and rear washing function and precise pressure control. By turning the control, the selected nozzles extend and the water jet flows under controlled pressure. Second for water temperature adjustment. Third knob allows the nozzle to be self-cleaned and maintained with water after use. Double retractable nozzles system for both bidet and rear washing, hides under protecting cover when not used. Angle adjustable nozzle is an additional option to direct water stream more precisely to improve washing experience. Quick do-it-yourselves installation under the existing toilet seat. Set of most necessary part are provided in installation set. Fit perfectly with most of standard toilet bowl. Highly improve personal hygiene with water wash and significantly reduce need for toilet paper.

  • Advanced Sprayer EcoSplash 270HD 
    • Water Connection: "Hot & Cold"
    • Nozzle Type: "Wash & Bidet"
  • Single Sprayer EcoSplash 270CS
    • Water Connection: "Single"
    • Nozzle Type: "Wash"

Wash Function

Pressure control:
Single water connect:
Hot & Cold water connect:
Self-cleaning nozzle:
Retractable nozzle:
Adjustable nozzle angle:


Double nozzle:
non Electric:
Nozzle cover:
Easy installation:

Size and Toilet Requirements

Length (mm): 280
Width (mm): 430
Height (mm): 10
mounting width min. (mm): 110
mounting width max. (mm): 210
mounting - inner edge max. (mm): 85

Parts and Details

Rubber Hose:
Connection Pipe (cm): 300
Fixing plate:
Control side: R
Water pipe side: R
Specification for: DE
Total functions: 12
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Based on 139 reviews
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