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Ion Water Filter 4x Pack for Smart Toilets

Ion Water Filter 4x Pack for Smart Toilets

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The BrookPad Ion Filter is a high-quality water filtration system that is specifically designed to work with bidet toilets and smart toilets. Its ion exchange technology effectively reduces the level of hardness in the water, which helps to prevent scaling and prolong the lifespan of your bidet or smart toilet. With its easy-to-use 1/2" connections, the BrookPad Ion Filter is simple to install and maintain, making it a convenient and effective solution for keeping your bidet or smart toilet in top condition. The recommended use time is based on the water hardness level, which ranges from 0-99 PPM for moderately soft water, 100-199 PPM for slightly hard water, 200-275 PPM for hard water, and 275+ PPM for very hard water. With regular replacement, this filter can help ensure that your bidet or smart toilet is always functioning at its best. The BrookPad Ion Filter is also available as a 4x pack for smart toilets, making it even more convenient and cost-effective to use.

- additional filtration of water
- reducing the possibility of lime deposits in pipes
- extending the lifespan of the bathroom with shower

- input 1/2"
- output 1/2"

Recommended use time:
- 3 months, hard water (150ppm+)
- 6 months medium-soft water

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Based on 148 reviews
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